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Welcome to the Rice University - Engineering Divisional Advising Website

Please note that this tool is somewhat out of date. It was created when I was an Engineering Divisional Advisor and has not been significantly updated since I became a Computer Science major advisor. Freshmen with advanced placement credit will may still find it useful in helping pick the first year of classes. Please remember to check the official degree requirements for your department as that is whatultimately counts towards getting your degree.
  • The Curriculum tab shows sample curriculum based on desired major with adjustments for popular AP credit.
  • The Requirements tab shows the courses required for the different Engineering degree programs.
  • The Resources provides a way to show information from the Rice University Advising Website. This information is als available at the bottom of the Curriculum page.
  • The About tab describes the motivation behind this website.
  • The Development tab is the development (beta) area where new items are tried before being included in the Curriculum section.
  • The Admin tab is password protected and used to update the curriculum database.
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Disclaimer: Information provided by this website is meant to aid in the selection of courses. It was created from official Rice documents or via consultation with department curriculum committee members. It does not substitute for the official list of major requirements as documented in the General Announcements and defined by the academic departments. In case of any differences, the official information is what needs to be followed.