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Test Version of Curriculum Selection

The Curriculum tab shows sample curriculum based on desired major with adjustments for common levels AP credit.

First select the desired degree plan from the left dropdown box followed by choosing an AP credits option from the right dropdown box to see how the suggested curriculum plan changes when the student has the listed AP credit.

Once viewing a curriculum plan, click on the Info button to the left of any real course to get information on that course including schedule and remaining capacity.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a dropdown box that can be used to display information contained on the Rice University Advising website.

Select the desired article from the dropdown box and it will be displayed. Click on the Show / Hide button to toggle the displaying of the information. Click on "Open In Separate Window" to display the information in a separate browser window.

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     Click to launch the official Rice University Advising Website in a separate browser window.